Drive On Wood (wood gas generator)

Imbert Generator Jahr 1943

For sale wood gas generator in working condition . Converts wood gas. Assembled on the truck behind the cab

Please call for information and agreement.

Phone : +38164/223-4214

Velja Potić

Details to be found on the internet :

Riga Motor Museum Ford AA with Imbert wood gas generator

Wood Gas Generator

Imbert koln Holzvergaser

Imbert generator

For those who first encounter with this

To clarify , does the car does not burn wood or go to a couple of “ lorry “ for burning wood gas obtained from a generator mounted somewhere in the vehicle . The generator is made by burning wood or pellets or briquettes without the presence of oxygen in the process called pyrolysis

and . Pyrolysis begins somewhere about 650 ci in giving rise to destructive distillation of wood , in which the separated methane , hydrogen nitrogen carbon monoxide , water , and some products irrelevant to us. The point is that the mixture of explosive gases and to turn on the engine by reducing engine power by about 20 % I think.
Do not think this is bullshit , this factory- powered engines in Germany and Sweden, during and after the war, and up to 60 years of the last century was really a lot.
Today, only enthusiasts and people with

environmental and financial awareness who are persistent enough to reach the details of generator for self with this problem and drive to fuel themselves can reap in its ban ŠLJIVAR similar.

Imbert, Köln , Holzgaseranlage


2013 - 1 chevrolet-498 Imbert IMG_2098 100_5187 drvo u gas


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